Seismic Intensity : Five (V) - Strong

Five (V) : Felt indoors by practically all, outdoors by many or most: outdoors direction estimated. Felt inside by most or all, and outside. Dishes and windows may break and bells will ring. Vibrations are more like a large train passing close to a house. Possible slight damage to buildings. Liquids may spill out of glasses or open containers. A few people are frightened and run outdoors.

Perceived Shaking


Potential Damage

Very Light

Peak Ground Motion Acceleration

3.9 to 9.2 (%g)

Peak Ground Motion Velocity

3.4 to 8.1 (cm/sec)

Video Example

Intensity Five (V)

Reference: Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale (Adapted from Sieberg's Mercalli—Cancani scale, modified and condensed)